Top Summertime Activities for the Children

Summer is the season of warm weather, long days, and lazy days sleeping in. The best part about summer is children are free from the structure of the classroom. While most parents are happy that their children have the opportunity to be spontaneous and less stressed, two and a half months of unstructured time can make parents want to pull their hair out at times. After about three weeks, children start to get bored and may even wish to be back in school to have something to do. Planning fun summertime activities for children is key for both parents and children to embrace summer while it still lasts.

Eight Awesome Summertime Activities for Children

1. Camping

Camping offers a variety of fun activities for the price of one. Children get to experience sleeping in a tent, making a campfire, roasting marshmallows, fishing, and even playing with bugs. While many people spend money to go to a campground, camping can also be done right in the backyard. Sometimes, vacation is not too far from home.

2. Gardening

Many schools and organizations are crazy about making children eco-friendly these days. Gardening allows children to contribute to the environment, learn responsibility, and have fun. After all, summer vacation was started on children needing to work on farms to ensure an abundant harvest for the fall. Children can plant flowers to beautify a garden or fruits and vegetables to eat when they are ready to be harvested.

3. Time by the Water

Water adds refreshing fun to scorching summer days. People who live on the coast or vacation at the coast have the advantage of digging their toes into a soft blanket of sand, listen to the sound of seagulls, and be knocked down by crashing waves. However, people who live all over the country most likely have a swimming pool or waterpark nearby or a sprinkler in their garage.

4. Sports

Miniature golf, bowling, basketball, volleyball, etc. can all be done at local miniature golf courses, bowling alleys, parks, or backyards. Sports provide exercise for children and promote teamwork and good sportsmanship. The emphasis should be on fun and making memories, not winning or losing.

5. Crafts

Art provides many health benefits, including shifting focus to the present moment, use of the right hemisphere of the brain, and relaxation. Children do not have to be future Pablo Picasso or Mary Cassets to enjoy art. Drawing, coloring , and painting are the most simplest crafts, but a variety of crafts can be purchased at the local craft store, supermarket, or dollar store. Pinterest offers a plethora of ideas that can be made from household items. Emphasis should be on fun and relaxation, not being the next greatest artist.

6. Educational Games

Many children are appalled by the idea of any educational activity to be done in the summer because they have associated education with sitting in a classroom and being censured by a teacher if they fall out of line. Children can realize that learning can be fun by playing games that teach them academic-related skills. Monopoly is an example of one educational game because it teaches about buying, selling, and handling money. Instead of investing in Super Mario Brothers, parents can invest in educational video games.

7. Trip to the Library

The library is a great place to spend hot summer days because most of them have strong air conditioner, offer silence that parents with multiple children often do not get while at home, and allow children to learn and play quietly on the computers and children’s area. Children can pick up several good reads that will not cost parent’s a dime if the books are returned on time. Young children will take great pride in receiving their own library card with their signature on it.

Squeeze the Most out of Summer

Summer is often wasted by children who are bored and parents who want to pull their hair out. Children grow up fast, and summers sail by. Engaging in fun activities that promote learning and health will make summer more fulfilling for children and parents.