Choosing the Best Snow Blower for Denver Winters

Anyone who is considering making an investment in a snow blower should take a few things into consideration. A snow blower has the potential to save a significant amount of time and effort when it comes to snow removal. It will eliminate the need to shovel snow and could eliminate the physical challenges associated it. Anyone who wants to buy a snow blower should evaluate their specific needs.


The cost of a snow blower can vary significantly. Some can cost around $100 and ones that are more heavy duty can cost thousands. Everybody will have different needs. When looking for the right snow blower, it is important to know the performance of a particular machine and its design. The size of an engine does not determine the amount of snow it can remove. People should focus on performance and not be fooled by engine size or a name brand.

Electric or Gas

There are advantages to having a snow blower with an electric powered engine as well as disadvantage. It is the same with gas powered engines. A snow blower with an electric engine will not have the maintenance requirements as a gas powered snow blower. They will also weigh less but may need to be attached to an extension cord to work. A gas powered snow blower has more power and can clear larger amounts of snow. Small areas with lots of snow could be easily handled by a snow blower with an electric engine. Larger areas with deep snow may require a gas powered snow blower.


A snow blower can come in three different stages. There is a single, two and three stage snow blowers. Single stage snow blowers are made to handle small areas of light snow. They are not very strong. They are a one-step snow blower involving a one-step process. Its auger loosens the snow that is then sent out of a discharge tube. Two-stage snow blowers are often referred to as dual-stage snow blowers. These are designed with an impeller that acts as a fan. It is located above the auger. When the auger lifts snow, the impeller will then throw the snow out of the machine’s chute. Three stage snow blowers are similar to two stage, but they can remove more snow is less time. Three stage snow blowers have an accelerator designed to move ten times faster than an auger. This makes it able to move heavy snow quickly.


When purchasing a snow blower, it is important to know how it will be used. Some snow blowers have a clearance of two feet and under. There are also snow blowers that can clear a path of over 40 inches.


This is the part of the snow blower that controls where snow is blown. Most snow blowers have a chute designed to pivot and change direction. Many of them come with a simple crank to change the chute’s direction. Others have controls that are a bit more sophisticated like a joystick and more.

Heated Handles

It is possible to purchase a snow blower with heated handles as one of its features. This provides a way for a person to have their hands remain warm when working for extended periods of time in cold weather.


A single-stage snow blower is not self-propelled but easily moves forward from the pull of its rubber paddles. The majority of two and three stage snow blowers are self-propelled. This makes it possible to easily operate a large snow blower and decrease the physical exertion involved with snow removal.

The snow blower is a purchase that should be based on the area where it will be used. Terrain, path size as well as location are major factors when deciding what type of snow blower to buy. A snow blower purchase based on what is needed is better than only focusing on features. Buying a snow blower for the wrong reasons can do more harm than good when it comes to successful snow removal.