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There are many different ways to contact us!

Email us (Preferred)
Follow us on Twitter: @rmfc_denver
Join our group on Facebook
Ask a question on our forums

If you would like to email us, please choose an email address listed below. The staff at Rocky Mountain Fur Con prides itself on offering quick responses to any questions you may have about the convention. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. If you have any problems getting a hold of any of the departments, please email the Co-Chairman or Chairman.


I want to: Please send email to:
Buy ads in the Rocky Mountain Fur Con convention book conbook [AT]
I”m with another furry convention and want to Ad Swap conbook [AT]
Distribute flyers to attendees marketing [AT]
Request a panel in the Art Show
Ask a question how bidding works in the Art Show
artshow [AT]
Submit Artwork or Stories conbook [AT]
Ask a Question about my Registration registration [AT]
Ask a Question about my Dealer Registration/Table
Ask questions about the Dealers Room
Become a dealer in the Dealers Room
dealers [AT]
Submit an idea for a panel or event Event Request Form -or-
events [AT]
Ask a question about our Charity Auction CoChair [AT]
Ask a question about the dances
Ask a question about A/V resources or acceptable media formats
Ask to be a DJ for a dance
dance [AT]
I want to film at the convention or write an article (Media) chairman [AT]
Ask a question about security
Report a security concern
specialoperations [AT]
Volunteer for Security(Spec Ops) Volunteer for the convention Volunteer Signup Form -or-
volunteers [AT]
Ask a question about the website
Report a problem with the website
webmaster [AT]

Current List Of Convention Staff Members:

Chairman Sorin
Co-Chair Klandaghi
Art Show Wu Wei
Dealers Wu Wei
Marketing Rocky
Operations Snuggles
Programming Vincent
Registration Rocky
Special Operations (Security) Stefan
Audio/Visual N/A
ConOps Snuggles
Dance Coordinator Connor
Registration Brenden
Volunteers N/A


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I'd like to help, how can I volunteer?

Before the convention, please email volunteers [AT] During the convention, please come to Con Ops to volunteer. Volunteers may work as many or as few hours as they like during the convention.

How do I become a member of the Rocky Mountain Fur Con's staff?

Staff are primarily selected from volunteers from past conventions who have shown a willingness to work, and who can work well with others. If you enjoyed volunteering and would like to be on staff the following year, please speak to the department head of the department you worked in. However, it never hurts to ask. Please email Volunteers [AT] and who knows?!

How do I become a member of Rocky Mountain Fur Con”s Board of Directors?

The operating company for Rocky Mountain Fur Con is the Mid-American Anthropomorphic Arts Corporation (MAAC). Board membership is reserved for those individuals who have made significant contributions to Rocky Mountain Fur Con's success and who have year-round involvement in the ongoing planning of the convention. Admission to the Board is done by consensus of the existing Board members.

Does Rocky Mountain Fur Con rotate its staff positions every year?

No, we do not rotate staff positions. We are looking for long term staff members who excel in their positions.