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The RMFC conbook is undergoing a transformation. In addition to being a Program for the convention, the book will now feature articles from writers throughout the fandom on many subjects of interest to your attendees. That being said, we will still consider attendee-generated content for use in the convention book, just be aware that the space that we will use is going to be very limited. If you are interested in being a contributing writer for the future, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Submission Format

[name you would like to be displayed]
[title of work]
[link to online gallery/profile of your choice] optional

Submit Artwork

Anthropomorphic art that fits the current theme of the convention will have preference over artwork of any other theme. We like to use artwork for just about everything. Please know that artwork submitted to Rocky Mountain Fur Con may be used for the following purpose(s):
•    Attendee badges
•    Convention book
•    Charity Auction
•    Advertising and promotional material for the convention, including t-shirts, fliers, decals, programs, posters and web pages

Any artwork used for such purposes is published to support and publicize the convention, its charities, and the artist, not for the financial benefit of any other individual (including the convention staff and directors) or any for-profit company. Rocky Mountain Fur Con does not claim exclusive rights over the artwork, the artist may republish their artwork at any time. Artwork may be reused to promote subsequent Rocky Mountain Fur Con conventions. Submitting artwork is not a guarantee of publication. We receive many submissions and often don’t have enough space or items to use them all. However, we do try to use as much of the art as possible. Please keep your work rated G – PG-13 so it’s suitable for all ages!

Image dimensions, formats, and specifications
Badge artwork: 4"x3"
Conbook Covers: 11"x17"
Bandanas (Line Art Only): 17"x17"
T-Shirts (Vector art preferred): 12"x12" (needs to be resizable)
General Conbook Artwork: Any size. We will scale work appropriately.
We prefer to work with high quality PDFs. We also accept TIF, PNG, JPG, AI, EPS, and JPG files. If you have a format not listed above, please email us in advance to make sure we can work with it.
In order to print your work, it needs to be created or scanned at 300ppi. You can work in whatever colorspace you like, just be aware that it will be converted for final output either to grayscale or CMYK.
Printing is complicated! If you need help, please send us a message, and we will do our best to help you out.

Submit Written Work

Written work with a furry and within the current theme of the convention will have preference over any other theme. It would be best to limit story submissions to 1,000 words or less. We may choose to publish longer stories, but they will likely be truncated.

Any written work submitted to Rocky Mountain Fur Con is published to support and publicize the convention and the writer, not for the financial benefit of any other individual. Rocky Mountain Fur Con does not claim exclusive rights over the written material, the author may republish their work at any time. Submitting written work is not a guarantee of publication. We receive many submissions and just don't have enough space to publish everything we receive.

Please email your story submissions to conbook [AT]

Submit Advertising

We offer advertising in our Convention book (which is souvenir that all attendees take home with them,) and in our Pocket Schedule (a compact item that all attendees carry with them to plan their days.) In 2015, we had 1,654 attendees. We project that we will have as many as 1,700 for 2016, so advertisements reach a broad number of individuals. Ads must be rated PG-13. No ads featuring nudity, anti-religious or anti-racial themes will be accepted. We reserve the right to not publish an ad which we find inappropriate for our con. Fees submitted for such an ad will be returned in full.

We would recommend sending ads in as a PDF, a hi-res image format (jpg, png), or just send us the text you would like to appear in the advertisement along with your logo, and we will mock up a quick advertisement for you.

Pricing for Advertising

The pocket schedule is a compact item that all attendees carry with them to plan their days, which will likely include plans for lunch and dinner, which makes the pocket schedule a popular advertisement space for local restaurants in the area.

Pocket Schedule Ad Pricing – only 4 spaces available
Black & White Full Page 4.25'' x 5.5'' – $150
Convention Book Ad Pricing
Full Color Full page 8.5 x 11'' $400
Black & White Full Page 8.5 x 11 inches: $250
Half Page 5.5 x 8.5 inches: $200.00
Quarter Page 3 3/4 x 5 inches: $150.00

Payment must be submitted by mail before the deadline which is July 25th, 2016. Please include the email address you used to send the ad so we can track it.

Send the payment (made out to Rocky Mountain Fur Con) to:

Rocky Mountain Fur Con
PO BOX 351331
Westminster, CO 80035-1331

Advertisement Swaps

We are always willing to help out our fellow furry conventions, We generally swap size-for-size. If you give us a half-page ad, we will give you a half-page ad. Our deadline for advertisements is July 25th, 2016. After this date, we still accept flyers that you mail to us. The deadline for fliers is: August 1st, 2016.

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