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The 2015 Event Schedule has been posted!

Convention Floor Map

Friday Schedule

Saturday Schedule

Sunday Schedule & Special Events

Descriptions by Track page 1

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Descriptions by Track page 3 And Game Room info!

2015 Event Registration is now closed! We look forward to seeing you this year!

Rocky Mountain Fur Con prides itself on having unique programming for it’s attendees, along with the more standard activities.

Our tracks include:

  • Art Track
  • Fursuiting Track
  • Gaming Track
  • Music Track
  • Science/Technology Track
  • Social Track
  • Species Track
  • Spirituality Track
  • Writing Track
  • Dances

We even have our own unique cooking show titled “Free Can Cook!” Local fur and chef, FreeFox (who’s also a killer DJ) worked for a 5 star hotel restaurant, and is willing to don his apron, show you a trick or two of the trade and cook up a meal right before your very eyes. How many furry conventions offer that?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes up with your panels?

The majority of our panels are submitted and run by attendees just like you! The staff also runs a couple here and there and of course, our Guests of Honor will run a couple as well.

What kind of music do you play at your dances?

All kinds! If you have a suggestion or if you want to audition to be a DJ, please email our Dance Coordinator.

Are events held 24 hours a day?

Yes! It does get quiet at night though. But we’re happy to change that. If you have an idea for a late night panel and are willing to host it, please submit the panel when event submissions are open!

Why don’t you offer a *insert name of panel*?

If we can’t find a staff member that can run it, it’s hard to offer it. However, if you want to ensure your favorite panel happens and you’re willing to run it, suggest it by using our Event Submission Form when submissions are open.

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