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2016 Events registration is now closed!

Thanks to everyone who submitted panel ideas. This year, our theme is B-Movie Night! It will of course span the course of three nights. We intend to have a 24-hour movie room in conjunction with our gaming lounges to help stir the mood. Aside from movies though, some of our staples will also lend themselves well to the theme this year like costuming, character creation, and story writing.

Rocky Mountain Fur Con prides itself on having unique programming for its attendees. There are some standard ones run by convention staff. For the most part, our program is generated by the bottomless well of creativity provided by some of our most devoted attendees!

Our program is organized by tracks which include:

  • Art
  • Fursuiting
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Science/Tech
  • Social
  • Species
  • Spirituality
  • Writing
  • Dance
One of our mainstays includes a cooking show entitled “Free Can Cook!”, which features a former chef of a 5-star restaurant, FreeFox who also happens to be a furry in Colorado.


Who comes up with your panels?

The majority of our panels are submitted and run by attendees just like you! This year’s Guests of Honor will host a few, showcasing their field of work, and the staff have have a few staples that they run every year as well.

What kind of music to you play at your dances?

Several genres. We feature an array of talented DJs who play House, Dubstep, 90s Rock. In 2015 we even had a few live bands. If you have suggestions or you want to audition to be a DJ, please email our Dance Coordinator.

Are events held 24 hours a day?

Yes! It does get quiet at night, but we are happy to change that. If you have an idea for a late night panel, and are willing to host it, please submit the panel when event submissions are open.

Why don’t you offer a [insert interest] panel?

Sadly, if we can’t find a staff member that can run it, it’s hard to offer it. As said, most of our program is populated by attendees themselves who are generously willing to host their own panels.

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