Thank you for your interest in running an event or panel with Rocky Mountain Fur Con. Please fill out this form compleatly to submit your event request. If you have any questions please contact Programming.

Please keep in mind that all information entered on this form is a request only. While we try and acomidate everyone's request for time, day and length sometimes we have to move events for schduling reasons. Once the schdule is fianlized you will be E-mailed with your final Day and time for your event.

This form is for events you intend to run. Please do not submit this form to request an event you are not volunteering to run your self (Or coordinate panalists).

Please keep this description short.

Please provide a more detailed description of your panel. This will not be included in the convention book but helps us decide if your panel is valid and if we have the necessary equipment.

Events will be schduled to end 15 minuets before the requested length to allow for over run. I.E. If you specify an hour, please plan for your event to run 45 minuits.

Host Information

Please provide a valid E-mail address. This address will be used only to communicate with you about your panel. Submitting an invalid address will result in your panel being declined.

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