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Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2015 is proud to announce the return of our charity, Freedom Service Dogs!

Freedom Service Dogs (FSD) enhances the lives of people with disabilities, by rescuing dogs and custom training them for individual client needs. FSD provides lifetime support to its client-dog partners, to encourage increased independence, and the loving, therapeutic bond between canine and human. Freedom Service Dogs is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It has received numerous commendations, been featured in the national press, and had government resolutions supporting their innovative work.

All of the dogs in this program are rescues, almost entirely from shelters across the Denver Metro area and the Front Range. Any dog that does not fulfill all the comprehensive training requirements is found an adoptive home. The all inclusive expense for custom training from start to finish is generally $20,000-$25,000 – but clients are not charged for their service.

Freedom Service Dogs excels in making an important difference in the lives of people with mobility impairment. Overcoming challenges for even the simplest life tasks is what these dogs are trained to do. Picking up dropped keys or a pen, opening a door, turning on a light, getting the remote control, balancing while transferring to and from a wheelchair, locating and acquiring the phone in case of emergency – can be next to impossible for an unassisted person in need. FSD’s success has been vast, but at any given point they have upwards of 30 people on a waiting list. On average, those in need struggle for more than a year as FSD seeks funding to provide a service dog to suit their specialized needs. You can read more at

As always, Rocky Mountain Fur Con will be holding a Charity Auction during the convention to help support this wonderful organization. Lend a helping paw by bringing items to the Art Show on the day of the convention you’d like to donate to the auction. These can be pictures, sculptures, stuffed animals..anything of value. You can also mail items to be auctioned to:

Rocky Mountain Fur Con
PO BOX 351331
Westminster, CO 80035-1331

And be sure to visit Freedom Service Dogs in the Dealers Room! They’ll be there to hand out literature, demonstrate the talents of the dogs, and answer questions about their charity.

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