Guests of Honor

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Rick Griffin - Visual Arts Guest of Honor

A prolific artist best known for his Web Comic "Housepets!", Rick Griffin's work has garnered a large fan base for many years among furries as he mixes fun style with captivating storytelling. In addition to publishing a web comic and creating works of art, Rick also has published several short stories to date. Through the recent launch of a Patreon page, he aspires in the future to expand the reach of his storytelling by becoming independent, which would free up time and resources to launch several new projects with accompanying websites, and projects to potentially see his works printed. He currently operates out of the studio he established, Rick Griffin Studios, where you can view a collection of his works over the years.

He has been the recipient of Ursa Major Awards for Best Comic Strip six consecutive times between 2009 and 2014, and has also been recognized with NaNoWriMo awards for writing in 2008-2010.

Rick lives in Huntsville, Alabama with his dog Apollo.

Snap E. Tiger - Fursuiter Guest of Honor

Eric Stevens, a.k.a Snap E. Tiger became active in the fandom in 1999 and it was June of 2000 when he borrowed and wore a fursuit for the first time.  He instantly commissioned a fursuit for himself which he took to Midwest Furfest 2000.  Snap made his first fursuit "Velkro Tiger" in 2001 which had velcro stripes so he could stick on whatever color stripes he wanted.  Since then he made fursuits as a hobby for himself and a few for others. was created to offer commissions on a part time basis in 2009.  Snap left his job at in May of 2012 to make fursuit making his full time career.  Thor and Snap were married in August of 2013 and live in White Bear Lake, MN.  Snap now holds shop in a 950 sq. ft. basement with one full time employee.

Snap has been in numerous media over the years including "Animal Imitators" on TLC in 2003, "Wierd, True and Freaky - Humanimals" on Animal Planet in 2008 as well as various news stories, magazine articles and video features.  He also has been staff at 7 conventions currently working registration for Midwest Furfest.

Having made over 200 fursuits for furries all over the world, He says that he is living the dream and doesn't take for granted what he does as a 'job'.

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