Guests of Honor

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Rocky Mountain Fur Con is proud to present our 2014 Guests of Honor


WhiteyFawks has gained many years of expertise with costume building and repairs. In 2004, he decided to open his own studio. Shortly after, he and his partner founded a new venture named Arend Studios in the Canadian city of Vancouver. After taking sole ownership of the business in 2006, Whitey started to form a plan to leave Vancouver and continue Arend Studios in the United States. In 2010 those plans came to fruition and sunny California now is the studio's new home. His studio is home to many different kinds of fur in all sorts of lengths and colors. It also houses various other materials they work with, such as fabrics for tongues and noses, synthetic resin for horns and claws and an airbrushing system to create more complex fur patterns.

"I have always enjoyed costumes, theater, and just building things in general. It's the art of changing what is, into what possibly could be. To be able to bend reality on a daily basis, and constantly look for ways to improve has become a life-long journey, and something I will be forever grateful to have the opportunity to do. :)" ~ Whitey

You can check out Whitey's studio by going to


I prefer being called Shinnie, it's a nickname also used in real life. I'm a 27 year old Russian-born Canadian and I've lived in many countries but right now I'm back living in Canada with my boyfriend and our little fish school (loaches!). I am fluent in French, Russian and English. I've worked with horses, sea lions and dolphins in the past and have a university degree in psychology, but I did artwork on the side through the other jobs and school. After finishing my degree I decided I could go freelance full time and I love it!

I've been drawing since I was a child, and my first love were horses. I'd doodle horses in my notebook margins in class, I drew horses everywhere! In 2000 I discovered a long since defunct auction site and VCL, and have been drawing anthropomorphic art ever since! I started going to conventions in 2005 and my first one was FC.