Guests of Honor

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Rocky Mountain Fur Con is proud to present our 2015 Guests of Honor

Phoenix Wolf - Fursuit Guest of Honor

Suits by Phoenix WolfWhen Phoenix was just 15 years old she created her first fur suit as a fun after school art project. It was then that she made her first step into the furry fandom. Fast forward six years and over eighty suits later, you’ll find proof that you can turn what you love into a career. With each new creation she strives to hone her skill and perfect her craft by drawing from past experience, and experimenting with new techniques. Nowadays Phoenix works tirelessly to give your characters life in the form of custom suits, made with care.
Phoenix hails from just outside the twin cities in Minnesota, never straying too far from her beloved pet ferrets and local friends. She has always been passionate about animals of all species, and was inspired early in her childhood by Disney movies. Lion King will always have a special place in her heart and her imagination. Its easy to see how the fascination with anthropomorphism has driven her to forge a career in creating the same wonder and joy in her craft to bring happiness to all who experience her work in costuming. You can find her at her website PhoenixWolf Fursuits, as well as on furaffinity under the username phoenixwolfsuits.

Zhivago In SuitZhivago - Visual Arts Guest of Honor

Zhivago is a furry artist originally from southern California, currently residing in the Bay Area. She has been drawing ever since she can remember, with her love of anthropomorphic subjects starting just as early. She joined the fandom nearly 10 years ago after discovering that others shared in her interest in the subject, and has been comfy ever since. In 2010, she started FandomFashions as a furry themed clothing line. She enjoys doing fandom community projects when she can, including free reference sheet templates and holiday card giveaways.

Zhivago frequents many conventions on the west coast and she has been a Guest of Honor previously at FWA. You can also find her on Furaffinity, at the username zhivagod.

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