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Registration for the 2014 Dealers Room at Rocky Mountain Fur Con is now CLOSED!

Please Note: Dealer Registration is a two-step process. When you initially go through the system, you will be asked for all your information, i.e. Legal name, Badge name, Dealership name, tax ID, desired space type and so on. When you submit, the application is sent to the Dealers Director and will be reviewed. Once approved, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to pay for your table and membership level.

Dealer Den Map & Tables (Evergreen Ball room A, B, C)

Table Number Vendor Name

Table Number

Vendor Name

1 Vantid 38 Good Dog Creations
2 Featherdust Studios (Nambroth) & Jess E. Owens
39 Sarah Menzel
3 Etuix 40 Jim Galford
4 Winter Soul Studios
41 Bedlam Badges
5 ChaoStudios, LLC
42 Baka Tatsu Design
6 Ivory Dragon Studios
43 Boarfeathers Illustrations
7 Rabbit Valley Comics
44 Feather Critter
8 Frisky Beast Enterprises
45 The Knotty Fox
9 Bad Furry & LikeShine
46 Os' Scratching Post
10 Bix707 47 psychoseby
11 Idle Hands
48 The Flaming Pineapple
12 TunnySaysIDK Costumes
49 Urban Coyote Wearz
13 Thornwolf 50-52 FurPlanet Productions
14 Katie Hofgard
53-54 Pawsitively Furry/Thay Rustback
15 Idess 55 Rukis
16 Mitti 56 Sidian Arts
17 The Fuzz Factory
18 Outlandish Studios
58 Alliance LARP Denver
19 Menagerie Workshop
59 Con*Tact Soap & Scent Company
20 Dragonfire Costumes
60 Danji Isthmus
21 FoxWorks
61 Warhorse Workshop
22 Dark Riyoko Studios
62 HyenaAgenda
23 CanineHybrid Creations
63 Daskamutt Productions
24 Ritz Bitz
64 DeathJingle
25 Kazul G Fox
65-66 Rika
26 Tweeko Wuff - Toony Arts
67-68 RMFC Convention Store
27 A True Blue Artist & Springdragon
69 Freedom Service Dogs (Charity)
28 Trumpetshark! Comics
70 ShinigamiGirl (Artist GOH)
29 Ian Jay Super Comics
71 Dark Natasha
30 PawStitch Crafts
72 Laura Garabedian
31 Sophie Cabra Art
73 Keovi //
32 White Wolf Creations
74 BlackLite Special Studios
33 Foxtrot 75 Sparkle Kreations
34 DragonLady Art Stuido

35-36 Generations of Art
37 Kite Tails

A note on vendor special event licenses and taxes:

Please file your forms as soon as your table is confirmed. Colorado state says it takes 6-8 weeks for processing by mail, or real time if you visit in person. The city of Denver is a bit faster, but you need both to sell any merchandise.

For a copy of the complete RMFC Dealers Room Policies, please click here. After reading the Policies PDF, if you have ANY questions, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rocky Mountain Fur Con Dealers Room 2013

Dimensions Prices Maximum
Vendor Space: 6' x 6' (Table is 6' x 2.5') (SOLD OUT) $65 2
Vendor Space w Wall: 6' x 6' (Table is 6' x 2.5') (SOLD OUT)
$75 2
Corner Vendor Space: Two Vendor Spaces (SOLD OUT)
$175 4

There will be a minimum of 3 feet of space behind every table.

Vendor Space

Rocky Mountain Fur Con will provide you a space for your displays and merchandise, along with a 6' x 2.5' table. If you do not need a table in your space, or if you would like a different size of table (such as a 6' x 18" table) please indicate that in the Special Requests field of the Dealer Application, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The prices listed for spaces do not include any convention memberships. You must buy one membership for yourself. Three Vendor Spaces maximum per dealer. If you have special needs, such as “I want to sit next to X/away from X”, please make this request when you apply online. If you want to sit next to someone specific, you must both be in the same space type i.e. Wall or Center section.

NOTE: We are sold out of two options: wall vendor spaces and corner wall spaces. A wait-list has been started. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to be put on the wait-list for either of these two options. If a space becomes available, you will be contacted.

Dealer Assistants

Dealers may designate a fellow Rocky Mountain Fur Con attendee as a Dealer Assistant. Dealer Assistants may help you with moving in, loading out, and vending at your table. If you're going to be a Dealer Assistant, you should purchase an Attending, Sponsor, or Super sponsor membership, then have your dealer notify us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

All Dealers must be eighteen (18) or older as of the first day of the convention. Dealers assistants may be under 18 if accompanied by a responsible adult dealer.

Badges and Dealer Assistants

For their convenience, dealers and dealers assistants may pick up their badges when they check in at the dealers room. This will save time since the registration line is typically busy. Dealers may also have assistants. Assistants MUST purchase a membership level to the convention. If you have any Assistants, please let the Dealers Director know who is helping you, so their badge may be picked up in the Dealers Room, rather than in the main registration line.

The Dealer Director reserves the right to cancel the registration of any dealer for any reason at any time.

Vendor Licensing for Dealers

The new hotel is located in the City and County of Denver. The address is as follows:

Denver Marriott Tech Center
4900 S Syracuse St,
Denver, CO 80237

Colorado state and Denver local tax code requires that all dealers selling at RMFC obtain Special Event Licenses. You will need both a state of Colorado Vendor Special Event License and also a city of Denver Sales Tax Special Event License – this applies even to regular shop owners in the Denver Metro area. Detailed tax/license information can be found in the Dealers Room Policies PDF. You can also visit and for filing information. You are welcome to file for these documents in person (at the two offices you will need to visit downtown) after you arrive at the convention, however, you will not be permitted to set up your table without valid verifiable vendor licenses.

Denver Special Event tax packet:

Dealers Room Hours

Thursday evening setup hours are from 6pm to 9pm. Setup will continue Friday morning at 8am, and the room will open to buyers at noon. On Saturday and Sunday, the room will open for dealer setup at 9am. Tear down will begin Sunday at 5pm and end at 7pm. Please have everything out of the room (and deposit trash appropriately) by 7pm Sunday, as we need to return the room to the hotel at that time to avoid extra charges. On Friday and Saturday, the room will be locked at 6:30pm by hotel staff, and no one will be permitted entry until the following morning at 9am. You will be able to leave your materials and displays with a reasonable expectation of safety. The convention and its staff are not responsible for loss or theft, however, so we recommend you take all cash and valuable items with you when you leave for the night.

Dealers Room Hours for attendees:

Friday 12 noon to 6pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday 10am to 5pm

Adult Material

All printed adult materials need to be kept covered and in special notebooks marked “For Adults Only” or something similar. Please also use stickers or Post-its to cover genitalia and female areola. Adult merchandise is permitted so long as it is not in violation of any federal, state, or local laws. Some goods may be required to be concealed and only shown to consenting adult customers who request to see them. Any dealer allowing minors to view or purchase their adult items will be given a first warning. Any subsequent infractions will result in the dealer being asked to leave. If you are not sure about whether an item is acceptable, please ask the dealers director. Minors will have special indicators on their convention badges, and it is the responsibility of the dealer to check the adult status of any customer viewing adult items.

Power & Internet

Dealers using power in the room are required to pay a $15 fee for the length of the convention. If you have not paid the fee at signup, please ask to add this option to your table. You will have at least one grounded plug at your table base, it is your responsibility to bring any splitters and extension cords you may need. Sharing power is not permitted. If you need more than 300 watts, you may buy a fully dedicated 20 amp circuit for $75.

Internet will be wireless and will be charged at $20 for 3-days of access, and is provided by the hotel. Please limit your use of internet to necessary connections only, as the more users pulling bandwidth there are, the slower the shared connection becomes. If your smart phone is able to connect directly to the internet using mobile phone towers, you do not need to purchase internet for your table, unless you plan to connect additional devices using the hotel wi-fi.

Display Sensibility

Dealer displays must not interfere with the flow of traffic through the room, nor may they annoy any other dealers or patrons. Use of light or sound in your display is not recommended, and we ask that you respect others peace of mind at all times. Overly tall or rickety displays are similarly not recommended. Please use good judgement in your setup, so you and the other dealers can enjoy a safe and trouble free dealing experience. Affixing posters or items to the walls is not permitted, except with the use of command strips, blue painters tape, or similarly non-damaging-fully-removable adhesives. When possible, use a leaning stand rather than adhesive for your on-wall items. The dealers director may request that you modify your display to comply with this policy, and you must respect this decision as final.

Dealers with children (minors)

Children must be supervised at all times. Parents will be responsible for any damages their children cause to other dealers and their merchandise. Dealers do not need to have their child’s Minor Consent form notarized since they, as parents, will be physically present at the convention.

Refund Policy

You may NOT sell or otherwise transfer your table to another dealer. If you notify the Dealers Director more than one month before the convention, you are eligible for a 100% refund of your vendor space fee, and power and Internet. If your notification of cancellation is less than 1 month to the start of the convention, you will receive a 50% refund of the table fee ONLY if the table is re-sold to another dealer. All dealer space refunds will be paid out by mailed check within 1 month AFTER the conclusion of the convention. Membership fees and wall space upgrade fees are NOT REFUNDABLE, and will be lost if you request cancellation. It is possible to cancel your dealer space and use your paid registration as a regular attendee.

For a copy of the complete Dealers Room Policies, please click here.